Monday, November 18, 2013

Eshakti Autumn/Winter Rocks!!!

Today's post comes to you courtesy of Eshakti 
-- a dressmaker so excellent, they even managed to convince me to return to blogging for a moment this Autumn!!!  The lovely folks over at Eshakti offered me a custom dress for the coming Fall/Winter season, and quite frankly, I snapped at the chance.  Eshakti has become one of my favourite clothing companies in the past couple years...primarily because they offer customization options for the neckline, sleeves, length, and even body measurements on all their outfits.  Custom-tailored dresses, blouses, and skirts?!  And in an array of fantastic vintage and modern styles?!  
Yes, please!

As you can see, I was more than satisfied when my garment arrived.  I chose a retro-style dress in grey/green/navy plaid with a darling button-front, sweet notched collar, and pocketed skirt (hooray!).  I happen to be fortunate enough to measure almost exactly to their size XS, so I opted not to customize body measurements -- but I did choose my own sleeve length (3/4) and my own skirt length (below the knee).  I chose the dress primarily to wear with a vintage petticoat I recently thrifted, and was ecstatic to find that it pairs to perfection!

The fabric is the perfect weight for this season -- just heavy enough not to wrinkle under your coat and keep you warm, but lightweight enough to layer with a sweater, tights, or petticoat.

Did I mention that I love the fact that Eshakti makes their dresses with pockets?!  Perfect for my tube of va-va-voom pinup-red lipstick :)

Maybe most impressive of all was the attention to detail in the dress design...I love the perfectly rounded edges of the collar, the way the plaid lines up across the bodice but diagonal on the skirt, the flattering princess seams, smoothly sewn side zipper, and fabric covered buttons that don't gape!  True quality here, ladies! And just the right amount of detail to pair with some other ladylike but subtle items -- lacey tights, bowed suede kitten heels, and some gleaming pearls :)

Thanks again, Eshakti!!!  For another beautiful item to add to my wardrobe...

<3 Cambria

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hey, Spring, Welcome Back

I am celebrating Spring's arrival with all my little heart this week.  Granted, "spring" has been like 30 degrees...but I'm still whipping out the short sleeve dresses and lightweight fabrics, baring my wintery-pale legs for the world to see.  It's just been too long in pants and knits -- need to embrace this sunshine!

And this lovely little number from eshakti just might be the best dress ever for celebrating Spring.  If you haven't shopped there, DO IT NOW.  You need to experience all the wonderful-ness that these dresses bring to your day -- I got to choose the neckline, hemline, and sleeve type. Custom made, ladies!

I just got this pretty dress in a package a couple weeks ago, and it's been hanging in the very front of my closet ever since, waiting for that first whisper of Spring.  Eshakti has quickly become perhaps my top favorite dress shop this year because of products like this -- ask my hubby, I did a major happy dance in my living room when eshakti let me know they'd be sending me this lovely little number!!!  I loooooove the impeccable vintage style of the dress, the charming little bow sash, the beautiful cornflower-and-cream floral print.  The fabric is the perfect weight, I adore the fact that there are pockets, and I'm always amazed by the way eshakti's dresses fit you like they were made just for you.  Oh wait -- they are made just for you...can't top that :)

I wore this for Easter and went all out with the June Cleaver vibe, haha.  I just couldn't resist seamed stockings, retro pumps, pearls...who could with a charming frock like this?!  I didn't snap a great photo of this purse I'm carrying, but it's a vintage piece covered with pearls...and next to the cream flowers printed on the dress, it was seriously style heaven :)

Actually bought these shoes for my wedding...aren't they gorg?!  I can't get enough of those cute little bows and kitten heels, so ladylike and sophisticated.  Plus they're the softest grey suede!

<3 Cambria

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Frisk and Play"

Oh my stars and's been few weeks
 of radio silence here on Jupe.

But I'm back!!!  It's just been a string of never-ending days as I manage my teaching job, nanny-ed even longer days over spring break, and am studying/training to start teaching Yoga/Pilates classes.  Plus we've had the most ungodly winter weather in Minnesota despite the fact that spring is "officially" outfit photos haven't been easy!  I wore a pretty darn cute ensemble yesterday though, if I do say so myself!!!  Nothing cheerier than a little leopard print chiffon...and I love pairing it with green :)

I headed out to a vintage pop-up sale set up by Amanda of Salvaged Strawberry...met up with Lori and Beth (my blogging girlies!)...managed to score a GORGEOUS 1940s black crepe cocktail dress for $24.  Once I get some alterations done, you can bet on a photo shoot :)

On a totally different note, nannying the past couple weeks of break was so fun...and funny.  I will have to post some pics of my cute kiddos!  I feel like a got total parenting experience...the full range from wiping tears to calling time-outs to solving arguments to explaining what the Bible means, haha :)

AND here is the REAL highlight of this post...check out my work-out last night...I'm really toning up!!!  I am sooooooo energized and health-ified by all this yoga and's seriously changing my life, and not so bad for my looks either haha!!!

<3 Cambria

Sunday, March 3, 2013

"If I'm You--"

I know, I's been a while!
I'm still alive, just hunkered down the past week to complete a bunch of different life tasks and job-related items that have been sitting on my list for some time.  During which time, my previously clean house fell completely to shambles and so did my blogging schedule!!!  But I've got some fun news from my week away...

I'm going to train to be a Bodyflow instructor!!!  

Remember how I talked about starting up these fabulous classes that are a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates, all set to music?  Yup, I get to teach those very same classes sometime soon :)  I'm pretty much completely and totally and incredibly excited to get to share these classes with others...they've been such a strengthening and release for me over the past couple months :)

This is the only outfit pic I managed in the past week...but wanted to grab a couple shots of it because I really enjoyed the proportions.  Something about that loose, swingy top set over a pencil skirt just made my style heart happy!  Plus I just always think wearing tights/shoes of the same color does wonders for your legline :)

<3 Cambria

Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Joyful Bring There and Sing"

It's been a very  swell week indeed...

mostly because of the absolutely marvelous and swank vintage event at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Miss Lori and I had a girls' night out together, put on our best duds, and headed downtown to Minnesota's most fabulous museum.  Loved strolling the galleries together perusing fine art -- and strolling the lobby together perusing fine fashion!

I wore my vintage green cocktail dress and layered a tulle petticoat over to get that old Hollywood glamour -- and then threw on some seamed stocking and pearls 'cause a girl just has to be authentic :)  The most fun thing ever was doing my hair 50s style...especially because it gave me the opportunity to use some pearl combs that belonged to my grandma.

Then Lori and I hit up the photo booth and grabbed some of the fun vintage props (thanks to our blogging friends over at Two Birds!!!)...definitely got a few winning photos in this sequence!!!

Aaaand even more fun...we got to meet up with a couple other Minnesota bloggers and fashionistas (visit my new friend Erin at her blog, Babes in Thriftland)!!!  I'm always a nervous wreck meeting fellow style bloggers for the first time -- and when I'm nervous, I gab my tongue to pieces-- but these girls were so sweet and funny, we really hit it off!  Just check those silly photos and happy smiles :)  Now we're thinking we just might start up a vintage luncheon club...

And just a quick final shot to show you my hairdo handiwork...of which I am QUITE proud, I must say.
  (At risk of sounding totally stuck up -- please believe I'm not -- I just have to share the excitement that I ended up with my picture in a Twin Cities newspaper and an offer to model for a local designer -- totally unexpected and fun!)  

<3 Cambria
Poem of the Day

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"February's Mercury"

Today's topic: Vintage.

First item:  I am attending a vintage gala event at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Thursday night, and I am sooooooo unbelievably excited!  I don't know what I'm most excited for -- the beautific art galleries, vintage fashion show, photobooth, or hundreds of other vintage lovers.  
Or maybe in all honesty I'm just excited to have somewhere to dress all-out retro...the only problem will be choosing just one outfit to wear.

And secondly item: these dresses from ASOS...there can't possibly be another place out there that offers such cheap "knock-off vintage"!  For YEARS, I have been looking for somewhere to buy 40s-50s style dresses for dirt cheap prices...and I think I finally found it.  My only complaint with the dress below is that it was supposed to be red -- aaaaaand it's actually orange. Blah.  Any dyeing tips for me?!

<3 Cambria

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Nightingale or Spring"

Haircut!!!  Honestly, I'm not sure what I think of it???
That's my big news of the weekend.  I was out at a tea shop with one of my dearest and loveliest sister-friends on Saturday morning, and spontaneously decided to dash to the salon across the street and get a trim.  I have been really missing my bob the past few months.

I bobbed my hair for the first time  last summer--that time, I had it bobbed with a ton of layers, so the ends were full of ruffly, cute volume.  And it was freaking adorable, if I do say so myself.  This time, the stylist gave me more of a sleek, modern bob--and I'm not really a fan, I don't think.  I feel like my face looks extra long and skinny and weird! But maybe it's just me?  Thoughts, anyone?

This is my new favorite dress...another clearance score from ASOS.  I don't know why I bother shopping anywhere else, they seriously have me addicted to their gorgeous clothes and great sale prices!!!  I adoooore the floral pattern on this dress and the beautiful vintage wiggle shape (plus pockets!).  It is so well tailored and made of the most amazingly soft and thick cotton/spandex blend.  I feel like I'm wearing real vintage, but it was under $30!!!

And of course, if you're gonna wear something feminine and have to throw on some good this case polka dot.

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Click and Chime"

Don't forget to enter my VALENTINE's DAY GIVEAWAY from JunieBlake!!!

So I had a pretty spectacular week this week...
I did some really fun things with some really snazzy people.  My "little" cousin, Emma, just moved back home, and it's a blast having her around.  Not to mention I got to snag a few hours with  my bestest blogging buddy, Miss Lori from A Little Slice of Special.

I wore my favorite LBD (little black dress)...and accessorized with some cheetah print, which helped me tie in the brown wedges and brown-gold-black bangles.  Not to mention these fantastic green tights, a $5 Anthropologie steal!!!

And here is the point where I say, how cute are we?!  We checked out a funky little coffee shop called Nina's not to far from home -- my rosemary egg salad and Moroccan olive and chickpea stew were soooooo tasty.  Lori knows the good digs, let me tell you.

Loooooooove this arm I mentioned a few posts ago, I just can't get enough of the whole black-mixed-with-brown just looks so sophisticated to me, but it's also a bit boho.  It was fun to throw a all these little bracelets, 'cause haven't been accessorizing my wrists as much lately, just 'cause it makes it a LOT harder to work with Kindergarteners.  

And this freaking gem of a clutch here...was yet another super cheap clearance steal.  Isn't it a beaut?!  I just adooooore the vintage clasp and shape, but it's super glam and modern 'cause it's made of woven metal and has a little sparkle.  I think I'll be carrying this baby everywhere from now on!

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Center of an Island City"

My newest addiction?

Yoga Fusion.

It's this fantastic blend of Tai Chi, Pilates, and (primarily) Yoga...and it is the most strengthening, stretching, relaxing thing I have ever done for my body!  As most of you know, I used to be a real bunhead -- by which I mean that I lived, loved, and breathed for classical ballet and even did some professional work.  Long story short, I've missed that sooooo profoundly much over the past 5 years of ballet-less-ness.  
And while Yoga Fusion isn't exactly pointe shoes and strict's definitely got the same full-body-movement-and physical-discipline quality. 
And I'm thriving.

P.s. Do NOT forget to check out my post 
and give me some "hearts"!!!

I'm also linking up today with Dearest Lou for her Thrifty Thursdays post!!!  This peplum jacket was an ASOS super steal.

<3 Cambria